Urine artificial grass

Urine on artificial turf

Urine on artificial turf There is nothing more fun for your beloved pets than to play on your beautiful artificial grass in the garden. Unfortunately, this may come with a downside: urine on your beautiful lawn. Luckily, urine on the artificial turf isn’t harmful at all. It can, however, cause a nasty smell in your…

How is artificial grass produced?

There are huge differences in the quality of artificial grass. A simple example: most artificial grass types have single backing while Royal Grass® products have double backing.

Green stains: tips from granny

The most frustrating thing is that those grass stains are hard to remove. And we mean extremely hard. Even granny wouldn’t know what to do about them.

How can I get my artificial grass standing straight again?

The difference in resilience is how you can tell if your artificial grass is of high quality or of lesser quality. Grass of good quality will simply recover after intensive use, for instance when you had a swimming pool on your lawn.

How about my artificial lawn during the winter?

Wintry conditions are not problematic for Royal Grass®, which will not be damaged by a long frost or break when walked on. But of course, the lower the temperature, the “stiffer” the grass fibers will be.

How does an artificial lawn stand up against moles?

Moles do not like an artificial lawn and will not normally dig under it. Moles are attracted by food that they would normally find in top soil, the base of an artificial lawn isn’t the ideal environment for these food sources and so moles are rarely a problem.

Can artificial grass be repaired?

Any damage to artificial grass can be repaired. The damaged piece of artificial turf is cut out and replaced by a new piece. It is therefore advisable to save any remnants of Royal Grass® left over after installation. These can be used for any repairs.