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Artificial grass Boulder, Colorado

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High altitude, little rainfall, lots of sunshine and cold winters are the reason why Boulder is not very suitable for a natural lawn. Artificial grass is the perfect alternative to natural grass. Save up to 50% on your water consumption, stop worrying about annoying chores like lawn mowing but still enjoy a lawn that looks like it consists of natural grass. Royal Grass® artificial grass happens to be the most lifelike artificial grass around. Distribution of Royal Grass® in Boulder is by Graff’s Turf. From origin a Colorado sod farm, known for its resource for reliable sod quality. Since 2016 Graff’s added high-quality artificial grass from Royal Grass® to its portfolio.

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Top quality artificial grass

Artificial turf comes in many types and sizes. There are many brands and many price ranges. Royal Grass® is one of the few brands that develops artificial turf specifically for gardens and public spaces. As opposed to most artificial turf (for sports), our artificial grass looks extremely realistic. Various innovative technologies, such as V shape®, MiNT® and ReaDY®, give the fibers a highly lifelike shape, growth direction and radiance.

Furthermore, Royal Grass® artificial grass is very durable and wear resistant. Among other things, our artificial turf has a double backing so the grass carpet can withstand heavy usage. This makes it an ideal solution if your children or pets like to romp around. It is also perfect for fields that are used intensively like playgrounds or schoolyards.

Royal Grass® values the safety of its products and all types of artificial turf have been extensively tested by independent bodies. The same European standards have been used as those for children’s toys. All tests have proven Royal Grass® artificial grass to be absolutely 100% safe.

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Innovative lawn technology

The mission of Royal Grass® is to produce artificial turf for lawns that looks highly natural and is sustainable as well. During our development process we have examined many options so we can offer artificial grass of top quality that looks incredibly lifelike. Our main focus has always been on creating realistic looking artificial grass, unlike other companies.

V shaped grass

Royal Grass® V-Shape®

Our fibers have a V shape just like natural blades of grass. Since natural grass looks perfect, we wanted to reproduce this look as closely as possible.

MiNT technology

Micro Nerve Technology®

Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT®) make fibers extremely resilient and have less glare. The fibers made with MiNT® have a natural appearance and a very soft touch.

ReaDY artificial grass

Realistic Directional Yarn®

Realistic Directional Yarn (ReaDY®) refers to the way the blades stand in different directions. Reproducing natural grass so your artificial grass looks astonishing real.

Populair astroturf in Boulder

Royal Grass® Sense

Royal Grass® Sense

Sense has the same beautiful, full and lifelike quality as Envy with less height. Ideal for countless situations to add a bit of extra to your garden or lawn.

Royal Grass® Silk 35

Royal Grass® Silk 35

The best-seller among families with young children. A strong, silky quality with nice, full and high fibres. A very popular quality, especially at day-care centres and dog runs.

Royal Grass® Envy

Royal Grass® Envy

Envy is the tallest pile height member in our collection of artificial grass products. A beautiful, full and lifelike form that gives your lawn a natural real grass appearance

No mowing

No Mowing

Save time and the environment.

save water

No Watering

Enjoy a perfect lawn and save water.

No Mud

Enjoy a clean lawn and a clean home.

No Weedkiller

Go green with no harmful chemicals.

Benefits of artificial grass

In the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, where Boulder is located, many people are finding it difficult to maintain their lawns. Lots of sunshine and droughts cause the grass to turn yellow. One of the big advantages of artificial grass is that it can be installed pretty much anywhere, regardless of the soil or the local weather conditions. This makes artificial grass the ideal alternative for places where it is hard for natural grass to grow. For instance, have you ever considered artificial turf for your balcony, porch or roof terrace? Artificial grass also requires very little maintenance. Even if you do not have a lot of time on your hands for maintenance works, thanks to Royal Grass® you can still enjoy a delightful lawn.

Water issues in Boulder

The annual water consumption of an average household in Colorado is over 600,000 liters according to figures from the Colorado State University. Over half of it (55%) is used outdoor and a large part thereof is used to spray the lawns. With the installation of artificial grass hundreds of thousands of liters of valuable water can be saved on an annual basis. You will spare the environment and can also save over 50% on your water bill.

Installing artificial grass in Boulder

Because the most beautiful artificial grass deserves the best service, Royal Grass® is partnering with the best garden experts in every region. These official dealers will help you when you want to buy artificial grass and can give you tailor-made advice. If desired, they can also take care of the installation of your artificial lawn. Would you like to buy artificial grass in Boulder, Colorado? Contact Graff’s Turf at 0800 280-TURF and request a free quote today.

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